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Innovative technologies related to IT, Cyber Security / Online Fraud Prevention-Detection and Engineering. Providing solutions that support cyber-communities.

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About Chemxesoft

We are a decentralized organization of computer programmers and engineers from different parts of the world (mainly from Europe and Asia). Focused on innovation and research, we develop software and hardware technologies related to IT, Cyber Security, Website Development and Engineering. We are interested in online fraud detection / prevention, educational development and the improvement of the industry in developing countries.

Engineering Chemxesoft


Development of engineering software tools and hardware-based software protection systems.

Chemxesoft Cyber Security

Cyber Security

We work on improving the TEC Trust Seal system to reduce the risk of online fraud, viruses and malware.

IT and Websites

Development of Websites for Governments and Organizations, and IT Systems.

Chemxesoft Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

We investigate and publish the latest types of online fraud as well as the methods to avoid it.


We publish and share trusted information about the latest trends in the digital world, engineering and online business.

Chemxesoft Online Education

Online Education

We are embracing new technologies that offer great opportunities for technical education.

Board and Members

We have a simple management structure with part-time volunteer workers

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