Free Innovative Technology,

Supporting Cyber-Communities

Innovative technologies related to IT, Cyber Security / Online Fraud Prevention-Detection and Engineering. Providing solutions that support cyber-communities


Development of engineering software tools and hardware-based software protection systems.

Cyber Security

We work on improving the TEC Trust Seal system to reduce the risk of online fraud, viruses and malware.


We develop cryptocurrency payment gateways and promote the use of cryptocurrencies seeking financial freedom.

IT and Websites

Development of Websites and IT Systems for Governments and Organizations.

Fraud Detection

We investigate and publish the latest types of online fraud as well as the methods to avoid it.

Online Education

We are embracing new technologies that offer great opportunities for technical education.


We collaborate with investors and digital nomads from around the world to promote online systems.


We publish and share trusted information about the latest trends in the digital world, engineering and online business.

Chemxesoft Limited Integrations

Integrations with other companies and services help us provide a quality service to our users

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